My business is to spend time helping you feel great.

The treatments I provide are instantly relaxing and exclusively tailored to suit your needs.

The service I provide is more than the treatments them selves its about allowing you the time to discuss your personal situation. These treatments are a lifestyle choice working towards you having time and energy for the things and people you love. The treatments can help to reduce stress and anxiety and have been known to help with a huge range of conditions including, digestion, musculoskeletal, stress, circulation, lymphatic drainage, PMS, ME and chronic fatigue, endocrine imbalance, diabetes, high blood pressure and much more.

Also these treatments can be a great preventative as they work at keeping the body in balance and ensuring all the systems are working effectively, they can support your immune system and generally help maintain a high level of physical and emotional health.

The treatments are:






About me

Coming from a background of social care I acquired all my qualifications at specialist private schools and have 5 years of clinical experience. I am fully qualified and am a member of several professional bodies as well as a local group for continual professional development.

How I work

I am very flexible to suit all needs. You have the option of me coming to your home or office, you are welcome to use the treatment room within my home. If you prefer your treatments to be at a salon then I also have rooms available at various practices throughout Sheffield. I deliver tailored corporate packages to the work place.

To find out more

Call Trudie on 07968 699049


NB: this is just a holding page so please feel free to call me for more information on any aspect of my service with no obligation to book.